Dennis Romero has worked as a researcher at Instituto del Mar del Peru since 2014. His main scientific interests are focused on small-sized benthic communities from soft-bottom substrates in the Humboldt Current off Peru. In particular, he investigates the ecology of shelled microscopic organisms called foraminifera and their potential use in sediment records to reconstruct the occurrence of oxygenation and acidification events in the past. Among different skills, he has a wide experience in field collecting and processing sediment samples from different kinds of environments including shallow and deep-sea depths. 

Dennis received his B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from University of San Marcos, and his M.Sc. in Marine Sciences from the University of Cayetano Heredia, both in Peru. During his career, he has participated in several national and international oceanographic campaigns along the continental margin off Peru and Chile. He is enthusiastic to be part of this multidisciplinary team led by a Peruvian institution that will contribute a better knowledge of this Marine Reserve area.