Dawn Moran is a research associate at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. She works with Mak Saito focusing on ocean trace metal chemistry and microbial proteomics. Currently she is developing new methods for protein sample analysis. Dawn processes protein samples from microbial physiological experiments and ocean research cruises. These proteomic profiles have shown to be closely related to ocean chemistry. Dawn also runs physiological experiments in the lab focusing on microbial metabolism in relation to CO2 concentrations and trace metal limitation. Working with plankton is one of her favorite tasks. She has worked extensively with plankton from Antarctica, experimenting with kleptoplastic symbionts, novel genera, Phaeocystis life cycle stages in relation to Fe limitation and an Antarctic culture collection made up of mostly psychrophilic protists.
Dawn received her bachelors degree in environmental science from Bridgewater State College in 2003. She has pursued a diverse continued education in oceanography, psychology and social work. In addition to her career in oceanography she believes that understanding human behavior in relation to the environment is an integral component preserving our oceans.