Danielle Hoen is a second year master’s student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She earned her B.S. in global environmental science from UH Manoa where she worked in Dr. Brian Popp’s Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Lab. Her research tested the applicability of a unique isotopic technique—compound specific isotope analysis of amino acids—in food web studies. Danielle has since shifted to paleoclimate modeling for her master’s thesis where she works with Dr. Richard Zeebe.

Utilizing a long-term carbon cycling model, she studies the initiation and terminus of the Eocene Thermal Maximum 2, a hyperthermal event ~53 million years ago marked by significant carbon and oxygen isotope excursions, CCD shoaling, and global temperature increases. No stranger to ship life, Danielle has been on multiple research cruises as well as a month long educational cruise to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. She is excited to join the Falkor team for Leg 2 of the second student cruise.