Danielle Haulsee’s interests include combining innovative technology and oceanographic remote sensing techniques with the biogeography and movement of marine species. Danielle became interested in marine biology as a child, growing up along the New England coast. When life moved her to inland Pennsylvania, she decided to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Marine Ecology and Geographic Information Systems from Gettysburg College. After earning her B.S. in 2010, she joined the Ocean Exploration, Remote Sensing and Biogeography (ORB) Lab at the Marine Studies campus of the University of Delaware where she earned her Ph.D. in Oceanography. Her dissertation combined shark locations and movement behavior from various telemetry platforms (acoustic and satellite tags), with ocean environmental characteristics measured by satellites and autonomous underwater vehicles. She used statistical models to quantify the habitat preferences, migratory behavior, and social dynamics of a threatened shark species to assist conservation efforts.