Cussui Segura is an experienced engineer with a major in geography and over 14 years of working in natural protected areas across Peru. Her expertise lies in utilizing GIS tools to track and analyze deforestation patterns, spatial and temporal planning of conservation activities to address identified threats, monitoring and analyzing biological diversity within protected areas, contributing to effective governance models, and leveraging funding for conservation initiatives. She has experience in planning natural spaces in five out of the nine definitive categories of natural protected areas in Peru, with a strong ability to engage diverse stakeholders (including native, peasant, urban-rural, and fishing communities), at different levels of the national government, and national and foreign cooperation partners

Cussui Segura is delighted to be the first woman in charge of the Nasca Ridge National Marine Reserve, the first 100% marine protected area, established on June 5, 2021. We have recently achieved the approval of the Reserve’s Management Plan, where, among other strategies for its conservation, the generation of scientific research is prioritized, thus seeking to position the reserve as a reference for sea research, particularly deep sea research in Peru and the region.

She has a Master’s degree in Territorial Planning and Environmental Management from the University of Barcelona and an Engineer in Geographical and Ecotourism from Federico Villarreal University (PerĂº). It is the first time that she will participate in a research cruise, and she is very excited about the process and the results that will be achieved. It is fabulous being able to get closer to the Great Dorsal Ridge, and also the possibility of bringing these wonders closer to humanity.