Corinne has worked in both the private and public sectors with experience across oceanography, scientific programming, software development, and data. She has a B.S. in Math/Applied Science from UC Los Angeles and an M.S. in Interdisciplinary Marine Science from UC Santa Barbara. Following graduate school, Corinne worked as an oceanographic researcher at the University Of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory, clocking in many hours aboard research vessels on Puget Sound. She then went on to work as a data analyst and software engineer in the technology sector with a focus on temporal and spatial data. Before joining Schmidt Ocean Institute, Corinne was contracted to NOAA Fisheries as a developer on a variety of software and analytical tools for scientists. She led the NOAA Fisheries Integrated Toolbox, coordinating a national effort to centralize access to fisheries modeling software. She led a grassroots effort to adopt strategies to encourage open-source software development across NOAA Fisheries.

Corinne has a special interest in developing and designing data visualizations that combine scientific integrity with beautiful user experiences. She enjoys exploring ways to create engaging and informative data stories, especially those centered on earth observation data. As Data Platform Manager, she will work to increase the availability and accessibility of Schmidt Ocean Institute’s data.