Cordelia Moore is a joint Research Associate with Curtin University, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and Western Australian Fisheries.  She has a PhD in Marine Science and a Masters degree in Remote Sensing. Her research is focused on assessing and improving the spatial management of marine species.  Currently she is examining the sustainable management Australia’s North West marine region.  Here she is using spatial, genetic (genotyping-by-sequencing) and oceanographic modelling techniques to better understand species distributions, connectivity and resilience. This research is being used in a large a systematic conservation planning exercise she is leading to better inform marine park planning for the region. With increasing concerns over the vulnerability of marine ecosystems to disturbances such as oils spills, fishing and climate change, this understanding is critical for maintaining ecological resilience and guiding marine management.

Cordelia is also the Scientific Editor and Manager of the North West eAtlas. This digital atlas has just gone online and will be used to communicate and highlight research into Australia’s North West marine region.”