Cody is a newcomer to the field of deep-ocean microbiology. As a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Gregory Dick, he and his lab cohorts seek to understand how microorganisms living in the deep ocean interact with hydrothermal plumes as they rise from the sea floor. The diversity of the deep-ocean microbiome is remarkable, however we know very little of how these organisms thrive under the nutrient depleted conditions of the deep sea. Thus, we use hydrothermal plumes as in situ laboratories to characterize the genetic potential and activity of microorganisms as they mediate important biogeochemical processes. Cody seeks to link these novel microorganisms to biochemical processes so that we may better understand their roles and distribution in the global oceans. With the support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Cody will be collecting samples from rising plumes and surrounding seawater for characterization of virus and microbial communities using a combination of microscopy and meta’omic approaches.