Chris Teufel is a rising Junior at Duke University majoring in biology and computer science with a concentration in marine biology and minors in documentary studies and Italian. He is a Rachel Carson Scholar pursuing research in computational biology and it’s applications to marine science including population genetics, linkage disequilibrium network analysis, and coastal mapping. Most recently he spent a semester at the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort, North Carolina where he conducted research alongside conservation geneticist Dr. Thomas Schultz to elucidate the genetic discrepancies in hybrid populations of river herring as well as taking coursework in sensory physiology of marine animals and invertebrate zoology.

At Duke, Chris is the director of communications and media for the Duke chapter of the Sustainable Oceans Alliance, a co-director of the Duke Independent Film Festival, an avid member of the Duke outing club, and a staff photographer and editor for The Chronicle, a student run newspaper. Chris has also spent time interning in Cape Town, South Africa with Atlantic Edge Films, a production company that works with renowned programs such as BBC’s Planet Earth Series and Michael Muller’s “Into the Now”. In his free time back home in Falmouth, Maine, Chris enjoys hiking, photography, skiing, scuba diving, and hanging out with his dog Dash.