Chloe is an undergraduate student studying at Whitman College. She is working towards a degree in Biology, focusing on her interest in marine sciences. Chloe spent one year as an intern at the University of California, Davis in the Marine Evolution and Ecology Lab studying the genetic connections between populations of crabs to better understand their settling patterns and activity as larvae. In addition to marine biology, Chloe is passionate about educational policy and interested in developing ways in which we can improve the current education system to provide students with a relevant, engaging, and holistic education. She is looking forward to working alongside educational outreach specialists throughout the coming expedition.

Chloe is preparing for her first undergraduate research project with Paul Yancey studying deep-sea habitat and adaptation, starting with this expedition to the Mariana Trench onboard the R/V Falkor. Chloe is excited for this incredible opportunity, and can’t wait to see what the depths of the Mariana Trench bring her!