Dr. Catarina Magalhães is a microbial ecology researcher of CIIMAR, Assistant Professor at the University of Porto and member of the Portuguese Polar Program coordination committee. Her major research is on understanding how microbial derived machineries interact and to identify the mechanisms regulating their operation. She focuses her studies in investigating the N-biogeochemistry and microbial communities involved on those transformations in highly diverse environments. In the context of her research topics the methodologies she use are mainly biogeochemical measurements, microbiome sample processing and genomic and metagenomic NGS work flow analysis at different scales of resolution. She and her team are part of worldwide international and transdisciplinary polar and oceanographic expeditions since 2013. An important contribution of CM research is in knowledge-transfer, by leading and participating in interdisciplinary projects where technology for Ocean observation is being developed. CM promoted the dialogue between scientists and society by participating in innumerous outreach activities on behalf of CIIMAR and PROPOLAR projects. Dr Magalhães obtained a degree in Biology from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto and completed a PhD degree in Aquatic Sciences of the same university. In 2013 she was awarded the Starting Grant from Portuguese Foundation (FCT) of Science which distinguished young scientists with highly competitive scientific background by international standards.

Aboard Falkor Catarina will be part of the biological/biogeochemical team being responsible for surveying water column across ocean fronts to characterize gradients of Microbial Diversity and biogeochemical functions using genomic approaches and to understand how front physical forces dictate biological/biogeochemical gradients.