Carmen Gaina

Dr. Carmen Gaina is a Professor in Marine Geosciences at University of Oslo, Norway, and leads the Norwegian centre of excellence: Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics -CEED). She received her BSc and MSc in Geophysics from the University of Bucharest, Romania (1987), and a PhD in Geophysics & Geodynamics from Sydney University, Australia (1999). Carmen worked for national agencies and academic institutions in Romania, Australia and Norway.

Carmen is interested in understanding the connections between Solid Earth, Oceans and Atmosphere for present day and the geological past by reconstructing ocean seafloor morphology, sea-level and global geochemical budgets resulting from Solid-Earth tectonics. For the last 25 years she studied the evolution of global oceanic basins using a wealth of geophysical and geological data. Carmen’s recent research focussed on oceanic basins and continental margins of the North Atlantic, Arctic and North Pacific, the interaction between tectonic plates and underlying mantle, and on regional and global tectonic reorganisations, their causes and consequences. A wealth of data, including magnetic, gravity, seismic and heatflow plus information from rock samples were analysed and included in kinematic and geodynamic models constructed by Gaina and collaborators.

Carmen started her academic career by studying the Tasman and Coral seas for understanding the long-time evolution of the SW Pacific. She welcomes the opportunity to work again in this fascinating and complex geological laboratory!