Carlos Hiller (he/him/él)

Title and Institution: Artist

Carlos Hiller was born in Argentina. From an early age he felt a special interest in studying painting and biology. At the age of 21, he settled in Costa Rica, after having traveled South America consistently. He faces the possibility of dedicating himself fully to painting and realizing his life as an artist. He finds in the Pacific Ocean a frontier to the new and unknown, and leaves everything to devote himself completely to capturing these marine images on the canvas.Inspiration comes from his own experiences as a diver. Naturalized Costa Rican, he has held solo exhibitions in several countries and painted for collectors. Through art he exposes the wonders that inhabit our oceans and puts it at the service as a tool to convey a clear message about the challenges faced by the seas, and therefore, all life on earth. Much of his time is spent painting murals in schools, educating with talks, and giving live painting presentations. He currently resides in Playas del Coco, northern Costa Rica.