Carlos is a professor of Biology and Chemistry and a Marine Biologist with two master’s degrees, in education and in biochemistry. He works as a professor of Biochemistry at the University of Tarapaca in Iquique – Chile. He has also been CEO of his environmental consulting firm since 2013 where he has carried out various environmental impact evaluation and declaration projects requested mainly by mining companies. At the same time, he has collaborated in important research in the Atacama Desert and its relationship with possible life forms on the planet Mars, both for the University. Catholic University of Chile and for the Astrobiology Center of Madrid, work that has resulted in publications related to astrobiology in various international magazines. On this opportunity he will contribute his experience as a marine biologist and environmentalist on this interesting exploratory cruise of the seabed.


Carlos obtained his degree in Marine Biology at the Arturo Prat University of Iquique Chile and then his master’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of Chile. He later obtained his degree as a Professor of Biology and Chemistry and his master’s degree in Education.