To say that 11th Hour Racing Ambassador Brock Callen, Jr. lives an interesting life is an understatement, and he’ll be the first to admit it. Having grown up on the ocean, he learned at an early age that this is where he would spend his time. After studying at Old Dominion University and competing on their nationally ranked sailing team, Brock moved to Newport, RI and began his professional sailing career.  Through the years Brock has expanded into kiteboarding, developing a niche between high performance sailing and kiteboarding and utilizing technologies from grand prix boats to make and ride some of the fastest kiteboards and hydrofoils. Having great respect for environmental integrity of the sea, Brock has partnered with such organizations as the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, Mariposa DR Foundation and Center for Girls, and 11th Hour Racing to promote sustainability in the sport of sailing through a number of diverse projects.