Arne Sturm is a Biogeochemist specializing in microbial interactions with the deep Biosphere, where redox processes involving iron and manganese are his main focus. Arne has only recently ventured into the field of Oceanography and was prior working in Limnology and Microbial geochemistry studying extreme environments abundant in iron and manganese. To detect the different redox states of iron, manganese and sulfide he is using traditional methods as well as Voltametric techniques, which allow for in situ measurements.
Arne received B.Sc in Physics from the University of British Columbia, worked for several years, after which he went back to school for his M.Sc in Biogeochemistry at the University of Windsor, then perusing his PhD in Microbial geochemistry at the University of Kansas. Currently at the University of Hawaii he is a Post Doctoral fellow working on several Deep Sea sites looking into iron and manganese redoxchemistry and speciation related to Microbial activity in these environments.