Andrew Hosie has been with the Western Australian Museum as the Curator of Crustacea and Worms since 2009. During this time, most of his research has focused on the crustacean diversity of the tropical shallow reefs of Western Australia’s Kimberley region and offshore atolls. Andrew has worked with many facets of crustacean biology such as commercial fisheries, invasive species and reproductive ecology, however his primary interest is in biodiversity and taxonomy. Current projects include biodiversity surveys of Western Australia’s Kimberley region, the evolution and host utilisation of symbiotic crustacean groups, and the systematics and taxonomy of barnacles. Previously, he worked in the marine invertebrate collections of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in Wellington where he was involved in curating specimens for several deep sea projects including the Census of Marine Life on Seamounts project.

Andrew received an MSc in Zoology from Canterbury University, Christchurch and is currently a part-time PhD student at Curtin University, Perth. His PhD thesis is exploring the diversity and evolution of symbioses between barnacles and sponges.