Hydrographic surveyor cat. A and B, second commander of the BAP “Zimic”, hydrographic vessel of the Peruvian Hydrographic Service. His research focuses on deep, mid and shallow water surveys, with different objectives as cartographic, scientific, geological, oceanographic. Experience in many hydrographic campaigns, he was in charge of the hydrography division of the B.A.P. “Carrasco” during the ANTAR XXVIII (2021-2022), operating the EM-122, acquiring and processing bathymetric data.

Alvaro received his B.Sc. in Maritime sciences from The Peruvian Navy School, his surveyor category “B” in the Peruvian Hydrography School and his hydrography and oceanography category “A” in the Spanish Hydrography School, now he’s starting to study a MSc. in Climate Change. The Nazca Ridge cruise will be his second research cruise, and he is excited to explore and discover new habitats, collaborating to the project objectives of the science team.