Dr. Alan Jamieson is a senior lecturer at the University of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab in the UK.  In 2004, he received his PhD for the thesis entitles “Autonomous Lander technology for Biological Research at mid-water, Abyssal and hadal Depths”.  Since then, his research has focussed on the science and technology in the biological exploration of the hadal trenches of the Pacific Ocean through the HADEEP projects, and more recently the HADES projects.

To date Dr. Jamieson has been on 13 hadal trench cruises covering the Mariana, Tonga, Kermadec, Peru-Chile, Izu-Bonin, Japan and Hew Hebrides Trenches.  He is the designer and operator of the hadal-Landers used in these studies and was instrumental in the discovery of decapoda at hadal depths, the supergiant amphipods at hadal depths and in the southern hemisphere, he has filmed the deepest fish ever seen alive and amassed the largest sample collection of hadal fauna in five decades. He has published 22 peer reviewed scientific papers of hadal biology and technology and has recently completed the book titled The Hadal Zone: Life in the Deepest Oceans for Cambridge University Press, due to public release during this cruise.