Adrienne received her B.S. in Biology and Certificate in Mathematical Biology from Washington State University. Her undergraduate research varied from single celled parasite genetics to mammalian behavior, but all of her diverse research projects employed mathematical tools to understand biological principles. She plans to continue this interdisciplinary approach for her Ph.D. research. Her current research focuses on using active and passive acoustics to study marine mammal behavior, specifically investigating beaked, sperm, and short-finned pilot whales’ foraging behaviors.

Adrienne is Chief Scientist on the R/V Falkor Leg One student cruise and will be collecting data for her Ph.D. dissertation.  For this cruise, she is focusing on the deep sea scattering layer off the Kona coast of the Island of Hawaii and how the layer dynamics change during whale foraging.  This is Adrienne’s seventh cruise on a large oceanographic vessel and she is looking forward to learning all the responsibilities of a chief scientist.