Here are some of the articles on SOI from this quarter.

Schmidt Ocean Institute Launches New Research Vessel That Will Change The Face of Ocean Exploration– 2023-04-01
A piece by SevenSeas Media on the launch of R/V Falkor (too)

Massive Bigfin Squid Spotted In Extremely Rare Deep-Sea Sighting– 2023-04-07
IFLScience reports on the Big Fin Squid sighting from the In Search of Hydrothermal Lost Cities expedition. 

Snailfish: The ‘Impossible’ Fish That Broke Two Deep Sea Records Shows The Importance of Ocean Exploration– 2023-04-21
An article in The Conversation on the value of exploring the deep sea. 

New Ocean Census Project Aims To Identify Thousands Of Unknown Marine Species– 2023-04-30
Dr. Jyotika Virmani, was interviewed by CNN’s Michael Holmes on The Ocean Census. 

Scientists Discover ‘Spectacular’ Undersea Hydrothermal Vents– 2023-04-30
A piece from The Washington Post on the discovery of three hydrothermal vent fields during the In Search of Hydrothermal Lost Cities expedition. 

The Final Frontier Is Closer Than We Think 2023-05-02
A piece published on Medium by SOI’s co-founder and President, Wendy Schmidt on the new age of ocean exploration with R/V Falkor (too)

Expedition Taps New Tech To Check Deep-Sea Coral Health– 2023-05-12
An article from Marine Technology News on Dr. Colleen Hansel’s “Diagnosing Deep-Sea Coral” expedition.

Sea Change: Fashion Is Helping To Turn The Tide On The Ocean Plastic Crisis 2023-05-24
Dr. Jyotika Virmani is quoted on the importance of Ocean health in an article on up-cycled plastic fashion published by British Vogue. 

The Mystery Of The Largest Light In The Sea– 2023-05-31
An exploration of giant squid and the light they produce in Nautilus Oceans; references a sighting by SOI and includes SOI imagery. 

Scientists Use Technology To Examine Health Of Deep-Sea Corals– 2023-06-01
Seven Seas Magazine spotlights the “Diagnosing Deep-Sea Coral” expedition and the SOLARIS technology.

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