Ocean Rising and the Fashion Big Think with Nekton

On October 12th, professionals from the fashion industry gathered in London to brainstorm how best to incorporate the Ocean into the fashion world with representatives from organizations like Apparel Impact, The R Collective, and Conde Nast. Jointly led by SOI and Nekton,  a plenary conversation kicked off the workshop focusing on the differences between the Space community versus the Ocean community in inspiring the public. Breakout sessions encouraged participants to use prompt cards pairing elements of the fashion industry such as magazines, runways, and storefront displays, with Ocean topics such as livestreams, exploration, and underwater technology. At the end of the activity, the groups came up with a variety of ideas on how the two sectors could influence each other. SOI, Nekton, and members of the Fashion community will continue to work together to implement some of the new suggestions in the coming year. 

This gathering follows on from a similar session with the music industry earlier in the year, and is part of the larger Ocean Rising initiative. Nekton is a not-for-profit research foundation established to accelerate the scientific exploration and protection of the Ocean. SOI entered into a partnership with Nekton in 2021. 

In the next Chapter’s Workshop Spotlight, we will discuss the outcomes from our workshop Credit where credit is due: Authorship of open Ocean data, held in collaboration with The Ditchley Foundation.

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