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Dragonfish shows its ‘invisible teeth’ in fascinatingly scary video – Jan 10
An article in the Hindustan Times described a recent viral video of a dragonfish that SOI posted on social media platforms.

San Diego scientists identify new fish species 6,000 feet under the sea – Feb 8
A team led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists recently described a new species of eelpout with assistance from footage collected with ROV SuBastian, reported by KPBS.

Harvard Researchers Discover Five New Deep-Sea Squat Lobster Species – Calling for a Revision of Current Systematics – March 1st
Examinations of several squat lobster specimens, including samples collected during R/V Falkor expeditions in 2019, helped to describe five new species of deep-sea crustaceans and revise their evolutionary history as described in this article from SciTech Daily.

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