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Hawaii Research Symposium

SOI Research Symposium 2013
SOI Research Symposium 2013

On November 1-2, 2013, at the Royal Hawaiian Resort in Honolulu, Schmidt Ocean Institute will hold its first research symposium. The theme will be: “Accelerating the Pace of Ocean Science Through Technological Advancement and Open Sharing of Information.”

hibiscus2_smallerThe symposium will bring together our collaborators, advisers, and thought leaders from the United States and abroad to discuss how the latest technological innovations, globally expanding connectivity, and cultural shifts towards transparency and open sharing of research outcomes in ocean sciences can be best leveraged to accelerate our understanding of the oceans and catalyze meaningful change on a global scale.

While attendance at the symposium is by invitation only, we will be webcasting all sessions live. Please visit the webcast page for a schedule of those events and details on how to log in.

You can view the full agenda with detailed descriptions of the discussions and additional information about the symposium here.

Dec. 30, 2013 update: Symposium Report published

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Steering Committee, the Symposium Report has been completed and is now available online at this link.  Please feel free to send us any input and feedback or feel free to discuss further at the Schmdit Ocean Institute 2013 research symposium discussions Google Group.  We look forward to continuing the conversations we started at the Symposium.

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