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Exclusive Edition on Deep-Sea Research and Exploration is Open for Submissions

As part of an exclusive 2020 digital series, ECO Magazine will publish a special issue on deep-sea research in partnership with Schmidt Ocean Institute and the National Oceanography Centre.

Due for publication in November 2020, the exclusive Deep-Sea Edition will highlight the latest international research and observations, ground-breaking expeditions, and new developments in deep-sea innovation including underwater robots, modeling software, sampling technology and sensors. The digital-only edition will be an important multimedia resource that will highlight progress in deep-sea exploration, increase awareness of vital issues, help identify gaps in knowledge and enable collaboration between academia, government and industry.

ECO Magazine, Schmidt Ocean Institute and the National Oceanography Centre now invites all those involved in deep-sea research projects (including academics, undersea explorers, policymakers, engineers, government and industry members) to express their interest in submitting content. The editorial team welcomes science-based submissions in the form of written articles, webinars, videos and podcasts under the following categories:

Theme 1: Extreme Life & Ecosystems (Example topics include deep-sea biology and ecology; benthic communities, hydrothermal vents and seeps; deep-sea corals)

Theme 2: Deep-Sea Observations (Example topics include oceanography, long-term observations, climate change)

Theme 3: Innovation in the Deep-Sea (Example topics include new mapping techniques, survey and sampling technology, novel software and modelling methods)

Theme 4: Humans in the Deep (Example topics include resource policy and management, deep-sea fisheries, deep-sea mining, plastics in the deep)

Content Submission Process

Due to the increasing popularity of ECO Magazine’s special issues, spaces are limited. Those wishing to submit content should fill out the submission form as soon as possible here.

The editorial team will get in touch to discuss your submission and provide you with your allocated word-count and a style guide. You must submit your completed story to the editor by October 26, 2020. Please note you can only submit one story per author. For more information about submitting a story to the Deep-Sea Special Issue, contact ECO’s Senior Editor, Kira Coley, at

Become a Supporter of Deep-Sea Research

Through the production of these exclusive digital editions, ECO Magazine aims to help research efforts that encourage sustainable use of the ocean by increasing topic awareness on an international scale. These special issues are only made possible through the generosity of organizations wishing to support these efforts through paid sponsorship.
Sponsorship packages start from as little as $500. For more information, please contact our experienced relationship managers:
Lisa Chilik, Account Manager (US & Canada) –
Mimi King, Account Manager (Europe & ROW) –

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