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Page: ROV Dives – Illuminating Biodiversity of the Ningaloo Canyons

Dr. Nerida Wilson, of the Western Australian Museum, and her team will bring ROV SuBastian to Cape Range and Cloates Canyons in order to identify and characterize the benthic biodiversity. Very few deep sea areas both in and outside of Australia have been well-sampled over large spatial and temporal scales, and a large number of … Continued

Log Post: Deep in the Blue of Ningaloo

Off the coast of Western Australia, deep in the biologically unexplored submarine canyons adjacent to the Ningaloo Reef (a world heritage site), valuable new information and exciting discoveries await the team on board R/V Falkor. Using ROV SuBastian, eDNA (environmental DNA) analysis, and numerous other surveying and sampling techniques, this expedition has the potential to … Continued

Log Post: Illuminating Biodiversity of the Ningaloo Canyons – Week 1 Video

“Our approach of combining macro-surveys with environmental DNA information to pick up signals of animals we that haven’t seen on our surveys – that means we can improve our ecological insights. Having the specimens means we can identify them properly and describe them if they are new to science.” Through ROV dives using high-definition cameras … Continued