SPS Maritime Ltd
SPS Maritime Ltd operates the 110.6m research vessel FALKOR (too) for Schmidt Ocean Institute
(SOI). SOI is a U.S. non-profit private operating foundation established in 2009 to advance
oceanographic research. SOI brings together advanced science and state-of-the-art technology to
achieve lasting results in ocean research, to catalyze open sharing of the information, and to
communicate the resulting knowledge to audiences around the world. The Institute is devoted to the
inspirational vision of the Founders that the advancement of technology and open sharing of
information will remain crucial to expanding the understanding of the world’s oceans.

R/V Falkor – Hiring Job Information – Marine Technician
Start date for tendering position: 17th October 2022
End date for tendering position: 31 January 2023
During the tendering time frame we will collect CV’s
Interviews for the shortlisted candidates will be held in the week after the tendering end date

What we offer:

  • Position: Marine Technician
  • Temporary position with possible permanent hire
  • Work Place: Research Vessel “FALKOR (too)” – www.schmidtocean.org
  • Rotation: approximately 2.5 months on/off (dependent on vessel schedule)
  • Paid leave: 1 days paid leave accrued per 1 day worked
  • Medical Insurance: yes
  • Flights: flight from home airport to vessel and return paid by Company
  • Accommodation: TBD
  • Contract: Seafarers Employment Agreement as per Maritime Labor Convention
  • Employment Company: SPS Maritime Ltd (registered in Cayman Islands)
  • Probation period: 3 months
  • Training: the Company provides training based on position, vessel requirements and other factors
  • A good team spirit
  • Ever changing challenges in varying scientific cruises with international teams of scientists
  • A high quality of life on board with excellent food and recreational facilities
  • Start date: ASAP

Job Description:

  • Marine Technicians provide shipboard technical and science logistical support for all science cruise-related activities, including but not limited to pre-cruise planning and set-up, on-shore and off-shore scientific technical support of all science instrumentation and equipment, and cruise mobilization and demobilization. The Marine Technician will source, acquire, install, configure, operate, maintain and troubleshoot all scientific equipment aboard the vessel. The Marine Technician may be required to work remotely when not sailing aboard the ship, attending training or participating in field-related conferences.
  • Regular duties of the Marine Technician will be similar to the duties described in the document “Knowledge and Skill Guidelines for Marine Technicians Who Work Aboard Research Vessels”:

What we look for:

  • Team player with a positive attitude to other crew-members,scientists,guests and the marine environment.
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic, capable of thinking outside the box
  • Doesn’t mind working long hours on a flexible schedule
  • Keen interest in oceanographic science
  • Safety consciousness
  • Social people who share the team spirit on board
  • People who wish to invest themselves into and commit to the Company for a long time
  • People who are willing to go the extra mile to adapt to special demands of a research vessel every single cruise
  • Organizational skills to conduct tasks independently to a high professional standard
  • Non-Smokers preferred

General Requirements for all crew:

  • Valid STCW95 Basic Safety Training
  • Valid seafarers medical fitness certificate (ENG1 or equivalent)
  • Proficiency Designated with Security Duties Certificate
  • Seamans Discharge Book
  • Passport
  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • US Visa (B-1/B-2), as required by nationality
  • Drug test will be done on first day of employment
  • Clean Criminal Record
  • Background check will be done prior to employment

Specific requirements for this position:

  • Advanced degree in marine science, physical or engineering science or a combination of technical schooling and job experience.
  • All citizenships are welcome to apply. Non-US applicants must be able to obtain a US B1 visa

Experience Desired:

  • (It is understood that applicants may not have experience of the complete list)
  • Extensive at-sea experience supporting shipboard science aboard ocean or global class research vessels
  • Familiar with ROV operations
  • Familiar with scientific autonomous vehicles (AUV, ASV, UAV, etc.)
  • Familiar with deck operations and over-the-side deployment and recovery of science equipment, winches and LARSs
  • Demonstrated knowledge of marine circuitry
  • Advanced computer literacy required; Computer programming and Windows based networking skills desired
  • Experienced in use of hand-held power tools
  • Installation, testing, operation, interpretation and maintenance of the following echo sounding systems:
    • EA640
    • EK80
    • EM712
    • EM124
    • SBP29
    • TRDI ADCPs
    • USBL Systems (Kongsberg HiPAP and Sonardyne Ranger 2)
    • KSYNC, SSU or similar acoustic synchronization system
  • Installation, testing, operation, interpretation and maintenance of the following multidisciplinary science systems:
    • Meteorological monitoring systems
    • Science navigation systems (Hypack and/or Winfrog)
    • Winch and wire monitoring systems
    • Underway seawater instrumentation
    • CTDs and water sampling systems
    • Shipboard data logging systems
    • Science navigation equipment (Seapath/PosMV/GNSS)
    • XBTs
    • Sound Velocity Profilers
  • Skills with various data acquisition and processing software:
    • CTD data processing
    • Qimera and Fledermaus
    • GIS
    • Windows/Linux/Mac operating systems

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter expressing interest and a comprehensive resume / CV that clearly illustrates why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Submit to jobsatsea@schmidtocean.org or falkorcrewing@schmidtocean.org