Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Pescadero Basin

Cruise Log

Science Story – Marine Geologist – Video Update

Co-Chief Scientist Ronald M. Spelz-Madero gives a quick insight into how he became a marine geologist and some of his notable experiences during such work....


Architecture of the Depths

Traducción al español a continuación In all of the known universe, Earth is the only planet that hosts not only life, but also liquid water...


Tectonics and Mapping – Video Update

"Our aim is to acquire high-resolution images of the seafloor so we can better interpret all of the tectonic processes related to the ongoing opening...


El Horizonte No Esta Lejos

(English translation follows below) Es otoño, Venus una estrella del atardecer, y desde la cubierta del R/V Falkor podemos ver el relieve montañoso de la...

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