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Will the real Hawaiian seamounts please stand up (higher)?

April 14, 2014

We've made our way back from a productive and successful cruise. In total, we mapped 18 seamounts (or seamount like features), including nine named seamounts and nine that are yet to be named.
More Questions than Answers

April 09, 2014

The excellent data coming from Falkor&rs sonars have revealed breathtaking, never-before-seen details on every feature we’ve mapped so far. But at the flat-topped structures named Nero and Ladd, we've found something particularly intriguing.
Midway: a Battleground Millions of Years in the Making

April 04, 2014

Running a sonar survey around Midway Atoll—a task we just completed—is bound to inspire some reflection about WWII history. But a geologist can't help but drift into thoughts of Midway's origin millions of years ago.
Topography for the Birds

March 30, 2014

Seabirds can be mesmerizing to observe as they fly and feed, but these birds also tell us something about the connections between the sea surface and the topography we’re mapping hundreds or thousands of meters down.
Gravity and the Search for the Secret Chamber

March 25, 2014

The sea surface is not as flat as it seems. Gravity combined with seafloor features leads to minute fluctuations. Satellites measure these fluctuations to give rough bathymetry maps, but gravity measurements can tell us much more.
Craters, Ridges, and Seamounts, Oh My!

March 20, 2014

Three days ago, we finally made it up to the far northern end of the Monument. To avoid fighting stormy seas here, we paused for several days “mid-monument”, and made good use of our time trying to solve something of a geological mystery...
Life on the Monkey Deck

March 18, 2014

It was day three of our voyage to Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument when Colleen Peters, one of Falkor’s marine technicians, noticed some strange interference lines on the sonar’s water column display. 
All Systems Go

March 09, 2014

Early Saturday morning we entered the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM) with all systems up and running.  Those of us who’d not visited the monument before were excited to see the tiny island of Nīhoa...
Almost Underway

March 06, 2014

Today was the second day mobilizing for a planned departure tomorrow morning for the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. It’ll take us about 12 hour running to reach the waters of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.

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Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Cruise Underway

The mapping expedition to the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands is now underway. ...

Student Cruise a Success

The first Schmidt Ocean Institute student cruise, which focused on the feeding patterns of deep-diving whales, was a success. ...