Research Vessel Falkor – Lead Technician

SPS Maritime Ltd

SPS Maritime Ltd operates the research vessel FALKOR for Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI). SOI is a U.S. non-profit private operating foundation established in 2009 to advance oceanographic research. SOI brings together advanced science and state-of-the-art technology to achieve lasting results in ocean research, to catalyze open sharing of the information, and to communicate the resulting knowledge to audiences around the world. The Institute is devoted to the inspirational vision of the Founders that the advancement of technology and open sharing of information will remain crucial to expanding the understanding of the world’s oceans.

Title:                            Lead Technician
Department:               Science Department, R/V FALKOR
Reports to:                 Vessel Master and Science Services Manager
Location:                    R/V FALKOR (vessel position only)

Lead Technicians (LT) provide the essential link between the ship’s crew, shoreside management and support team, ROV team and the visiting scientists. LTs report to the Master for shipboard administrative and operational issues and to the Science Services Manager (SSM) in areas of cruise planning, science equipment, team structure and objectives.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Directing, as the Head of Department, the administration, supervision and safe operation of Falkor’s Science Department, including the supervision and review of the Department technicians. Identifying priorities and managing the team to complete Department objectives and provide excellent science support.
  • Ensuring that department duties, projects, record keeping, reporting, inventory management, documentation and adherence to department conventions are achieved.
  • Identifying and providing opportunities of professional and personal development within the Department in collaboration with the Master and the SSM, as required.
  • Appraising Marine Technicians.
  • Assisting the SSM in the creation of the rotation plan and highlighting potential problems ahead of time.
  • Working closely with the SSM in the planning of cruises; identifying and managing Department projects and upgrades; maintaining science systems; identifying and implementing Department objectives and ensuring the achievement of key results; evolving the Department to accommodate changing requirements.
  • Collaborating with scientists, ROV team, ship’s crew and shoreside management and support team to ensure safe and successful science missions. Acting as a liaison between these groups in order to achieve resolution of operational issues.
  • Instructing and assisting users of deck and laboratory scientific systems in safe operating procedures.
  • Collecting, quality assurance and curation of scientific and ROV systems data.
  • Operating, maintaining and calibrating science systems and instrumentation, including all associated hardware and software.
  • Working with the ROV team to ensure dive, data and outreach support through the creation of bathymetry products, data monitoring and oversight of video streaming.
  • In coordination with the ship’s ETOs/System Engineers, maintaining and improving the ship’s scientific computer systems and networks.
  • Participating in the design, construction and implementation of new electronic and mechanical systems and assisting in the modification of existing systems in order to fulfill evolving needs.
  • Supervising the adherence to ship and laboratory safety protocols, including the proper use, documentation and storage of hazardous materials.
  • Overseeing science cruise mobilization and demobilization efforts.
  • Being familiar with all assigned safety and security duties, both at sea and in port.
  • Other duties as assigned.

What We Look for in the Ideal Candidate:

  • Positive attitude towards the marine environment.
  • Positive attitude to other crewmembers and scientists.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Thinking outside the box.
  • Doesn’t mind working long hours.
  • Safety consciousness.
  • Social people who share a team spirit aboard ships.
  • People who wish to long-term invest themselves into and commit to the Company.
  • People who are willing to go the extra mile to adapt to special demands of a research vessel every single cruise.
  • Organizational skills to conduct tasks independently to a high professional standard.
  • Non-smokers preferred.


  • Advanced degree in marine science, physical or engineering science or a combination of technical schooling and/or job experience.
  • Must have 5 years experience sailing aboard ocean-going research vessels. Other experience and/or education may be considered in lieu of a full five years of research vessel work.
  • Familiar in use of science winches, deck operations and over-the-side deployments.
  • Working knowledge of marine circuitry.
  • All citizenships welcomed to apply. Non-US applicants must be able to obtain a B-1 Visa to work in the US.
  • Fluent in English language speaking, reading and writing.
  • STCW-95 certificates covering Basic Safety Training, including First Aid and CPR.
  • Valid seafarers medical fitness certificate (ENG1 or equivalent).
  • Proficiency Designated with Security Duties Certificate.
  • Drug test will be performed first day of employment.
  • Clean criminal record; background check will be done prior to employment.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter expressing interest and a comprehensive resume / CV that clearly illustrates why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Submit to