Here are some of the articles on SOI from this quarter.

Incredible footage reveals black-eyed squid carrying thousands of eggs on its arms, watch | DNA India

WWII Munitions, DDT Remain on Southern California Seafloor | Environment News Service

Youth climate activism and spectacular new species: Positive environmental stories from 2024 |

Biologists Discover Four New Octopus Species in the Deep Ocean Off Costa Rica | Smithsonian

Origami-inspired robot can identify new marine species ‘in minutes’ | Victoria Advocate

Voyis Provides Subsea Tech for Galápagos Coral Expedition | Marine Technology News

A Ghostly Vision: Scientists Capture Rare Footage of the Glass Octopus | Times of India

1.5-Mile High Mountain Discovered When Scientists Investigate ‘Bump’ on Ocean Surface | Miami Herald

‘Alien-like’ Species Discovered on Underwater Mountains | The Mirror

Deep Sea Expedition Leads to 100 Species Discoveries, 4 ‘New’ Underwater Mountains | Extreme Tech

Stunning Video Shows Never-Before-Seen Deep Sea Creatures | CNN

Meet the Newest ‘Walking’ Fish—a Bright Red Creature of the Deep | National Geographic 

Climate change: the connection between land and sea | NBC News

Hawaiʻi artist debuts vibrant deep-sea life work at UN conference in Spain | Hawaii Public Radio

Pristine ecosystems and a hundred new lifeforms discovered remote seamounts | Astrobiology

Trove of unknown deep-sea life discovered in the South Pacific | Yahoo News

Over 50 new marine species discovered off the coast of Rapa Nui | The Inertia

Deep-sea life bonanza discovered off Easter Island | Explorersweb

Scientists discover 50 deep-sea creatures that were previously unknown to science |

Dragons, sea toads and the longest creature ever seen found on undersea peaks off South America | Guardian

Dozens of deep-sea species discovered off the coast of Chile |

Scientists discover 50 new deep-sea species near Easter Island | Newsweek

Over 50 species new to science found along Salas y Gómez Ridge | Marine Technology News

Dozens of mystery creatures ‘unknown to science’ found near Easter Island | The US Sun

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