Expression of Interests are due by January 4, 2019
Ocean Science Aboard R/V Falkor

This proposal track is open to all marine science disciplines and is intended to support initiatives to advance ocean research and exploration through exemplary application of innovative technologies and methodologies aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor.

Before writing your Expression of Interest, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the wide range of operational, technological, analytical, and informational support and services available from Schmidt Ocean Institute.

Pre-Proposal Guidelines

  • Expressions of interest (EoIs) shall include one cover page and no more than 2 pages of body text
  • EoIs should be typed in single-spaced 12 point font, including any figures, tables, references, and any other supplementary materials.
Cover Page
  • One page limit
  • State the full project title at the top of page, in bold
  • List the names and affiliations of all Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-PIs
  • List key fields of research and/or technology pertinent to the proposed project
  • Describe the targeted geographical region(s) and indicate how flexible the proposed project is with respect to the region selection
  • Specify the amount of ship time and major equipment and services requested


  • Two pages limit
  • What are the goals of the project and its intended scientific (as well as technological and/or operational) impacts?
  • How significant are the implications of the proposed research for society?
  • What are the tentative research plans, cruise route, duration, and field research activities?
  • What key R/V Falkor research facilities and instruments will be used?
  • What additional equipment will be used (or would be desirable)?
  • How will the acquired data be managed, processed, and interpreted?
  • How will the proposed field research be informed by at-sea data analysis?
  • How will the findings and outcomes of this project be communicated to the public?
  • Does this proposal build on any existing research efforts, if so are any parts of this project already funded?
  • Schmidt Ocean Institute does not give grants to fund scientists’ salaries. How will they be funded?  *Activities focused on the development of technical capabilities, workflows, platforms, software, etc. can be supported through contracts.
  • Provide the names and e-mail addresses of 4-5 suggested non-conflicted reviewers

How to Submit

  • Electronic submissions in MS Word and PDF format will be accepted in email at or submit online through January 4, 2019.
  • Upon the email submission, please provide the basic application details through this online survey form.

Evaluation Criteria

  • How important is this research for advancing the understanding of the oceans?
  • How significant are the implications of the proposed research for the society?
  • What is the quality of the proposed research plan?
  • How well does the proposed research plan address the stated project objectives?
  • Will this project effectively utilize innovative oceanographic technologies, practices, or methods?
  • How efficient are the proposed data collection methods?
  • How well is the proposed research plan informed by at-sea data collection and analysis?
  • How rapidly will the collected data be QA/QC’d, integrated, post-processed and shared with the public?
  • How effectively and timely will the new knowledge from this project be interpreted and communicated to the public?

Target Region

Projects may consider any research site location throughout the global ocean, noting that R/V Falkor is not a Polar Class vessel and is therefore generally unable to support science cruises in latitudes higher than 60° North or South. The region where R/V Falkor will support oceanographic research projects in 2021 will be selected to accommodate the top ranking Expressions of Interest that Schmidt Ocean Institute receives in response to this call. Should your project be flexible with regards to the geographical regions where it can be carried out, please be sure to describe that in your Expression of Interest.

Review Timeline

  1. Expressions of Interests are due by January 4, 2019.
  2. All Expressions of Interest will be reviewed by independent non-conflicted experts between January and March of 2019 using the evaluation criteria listed above.
  3. Up to 20-25 full proposals will be invited from select research teams applying to this track, tentatively, in April and due by mid-June 2019, subject to the review comments.
  4. Full proposals will be formally evaluated by independent non-conflicted peer experts between June and September 2019.
  5. An interdisciplinary panel consisting of independent non-conflicted broad-area experts will evaluate all proposals, tentatively in September of 2019.
  6. A prioritized list of proposals will inform the 2021 R/V Falkor operational scheduling, with priority given to the highest ranked research projects
  7. The consolidated 2021 research plan and cruise schedule will be reviewed and approved by the Schmidt Ocean Institute Board of Directors.
  8. All proponents will be informed about the outcomes of the proposal review process, tentatively, by October 2019.

Program Guidance

The outcomes of Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ongoing program development efforts are reflected in SOI’s latest planning workshop reports, available at the following link, Symposiums and Workshops. While we encourage proposals informed by the recent workshop findings, proposals on other topics will also be considered.